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Brother Fucks His Step Sister And Her Best Friend


Watch this hot video where a man fucks his step sister and her best friend! The video begins with the brother getting caught jacking off by the girls. The two girls catch him jacking off in the bathroom and they decide to film it while laughing. The brother tells the girls to get away and he closes the door. Later on, the 2 girls are getting dressed in the bedroom and the brother silently watches them outside the room through the door crack while he rubs his cock. The girls notice that he’s watching and they close the door on him.

Later on in the day the brother decides to put super glue in a bottle of lotion to get back at his step sister and her friend for taking pictures of him jacking off. The girls put on the super glue-lotion concoction and are now stuck to each other. Once the ladies are stuck to each other, the brother shows up and suggests that they “fuck it off” to get the glue loose. The girls agree to the idea and the brother begins fucking his step sisters best friend. He fucks her while she’s bent over his sisters body. Eventually he ends up fucking his step sister as well. Ultimately he creampies his own sisters pussy.

Date: March 4, 2019
Actors: Jake Adams / Zoe Bloom

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